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“Ever Since I Have Been Taking The Energize Max I Have Been Feeling Great! No more gas and bloating after I eat, and I can eat again!!”

Dear Laura,

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! 10,000 thank you's for formulating and making Energize Max! The change it has made in my life has been absolutely miraculous! I am 55, 5ft 5in, and weigh 103 (on a good day).I have had stomach issues all that time

I have times suddenly out of the blue that I go from feeling fine to being in bed, physically sick within 10 to 15 minutes. I proceed to be physically sick every 10 to 20 minutes for up to between 12 to 18 hours. I cannot get out of bed and I lose 5 to 9 lbs in that time. It takes me about 3 days to recover from it and get rehydrated and be able to eat food again. There have been times that the spells hit me about every 2 weeks. Even when I am not fully sick, I always had gas, bloating, diarrhea and cramping pretty much every day. I was getting afraid to eat. When I was sick, all that came up was acid.

I am still having menopause issues (night sweats, bad sleeping) so I was on line looking for homeopathic menopausal remedies and over on the side bar of the computer I saw the "how acidic is your body" and tried it. (I can rub tarnish off of silver with my bare fingers so I figure I am slightly acidic). That is where I found the Energize Max. The last spell that I had was on June 26th. I had had enough so I tried Nexium for 2 weeks which did help to calm things down and it was while I was on the Nexium that I found you. EVER SINCE I HAVE BEEN TAKING THE ENERGIZE MAX I HAVE BEEN FEELING GREAT! No more gas and bloating after I eat, and I can eat again!! I can't quite handle a whole tbsp. I use 1.5 tsp and am totally shocked at the results. My husband is also taking it and likes it too. I told him just last week that I wanted to write to you and let you know that I would happily be a spokesperson for your product. 2 days later I got your email!

I have plenty for now. PLEASE don't ever stop making Energize Max! They have been completely life changing for me!

Dana Burress

“Here I am 136 lbs in my Skinny Jeans and I'm 66 years old.”

I've always weighed 145 and wanted to get into Skinny Jeans, have more energy, up early and at the gym. Also wanted to lose weight and look younger when visiting my cousins in Florida last month. Well, here I am 136 lbs. in my Skinny Jeans and I'm 66 years old. I love Energize Max...and they love me!!!

Judith Harrington
New Hampshire

“I have noticed my skin has improved where age bumps had been appearing they are now disappearing!”

After 4 months of taking Energize Max I have noticed my skin has improved where age bumps had been appearing they are now disappearing! Yeah! This is great! I also do not have cravings for junk food which is helping me keep weight under control. Thanks for checking on my order. I want to see what another 4 months will do for me!

Jean Beament

“The GERD was reduced and I had more energy.”

For years I have had fairly bad GERD, need to burp and burning in my chest. Enzymes helped quite a lot, but I was still searching for a product that would do better. Although I eat very well, the advertising about eating more foods of an alkaline nature caught my interest. I ordered Energize Max, mixed it with blueberries from our garden and yogurt, and felt the effects immediately. The GERD was reduced and I had more energy.

Dana Brettell

“I was thrilled to find Energize Max for part of my healthy solution.”

I had been very frustrated trying to figure out what to eat to get me off to a healthy, quick start that's especially good for my bones.

My usual day is getting up early, sipping 2 mugs of 1/2 cafe coffee with lots of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk and then (oh no,) some of that artificial French Vanilla sweetener. That filled me up so that breakfast didn't appeal to me, but part way through my exercise class I'd be starving.

So I was thrilled to find Energize Max for part of my healthy solution.

I use 1/2 C or more of plain Kefir (a probiotic), 1 or more raw kale leaves with stems, a banana, Energize Max and water or ice cubes, to a consistency I like. If I have any, I add a small handful of parsley, frozen blueberries, and/or strawberries.

Sometimes I add a partial scoop of whey powder, or a few nuts for protein.

I feel so healthy, energized & good that I started my day in such a easy, healthy, tasty way!!

If it's still too sweet for me I squeeze in 1/2-1 lime. I use a VitaMix food processor, so I'm not sure if a regular blender would handle the kale stems, so leave them out if needed.

Caroline Somerville

“I just want to let you know that both my husband and I are enjoying the Energize”

I just want to let you know that both my husband and I are enjoying the Energize Max. I felt so much better at the first day. We both have so much more energy. I have question. is it possible to take the Energize Max twice a day. Thank you so much.

Darcy Neibaur

“I am really doing well on it and today I used the last in the container.”

Hi I ordered Energize Max on the autoship plan and have not received my next shipment. Could you check and see if I am indeed subscribed for the monthly delivery. I am really doing well on it and today I used the last in the container. Thank you

Armida B

“Since the first day I've experienced an increase in energy...”

I use Energize Max every day in a smoothie. Since the first day I've experienced an increase in energy - sometimes so much so, that if I drink my smoothie late in the day, I have trouble sleeping.

Now I split it in half and drink one portion in the morning for breakfast and the other for an early afternoon snack which keeps me satisfied until dinner. In the past, I have had a sporadic attendance at best at the gym that I pay good money for every month. Now I am going 5-6 days a week without having to push or talk myself into it. Weight loss is slow but steady.

With Energize Max, I don't overeat after a workout and feel completely satisfied with my afternoon snack portion. I am very pleased and have recommended it to others.

Thank you,

Tioga White
Phoenix, Arizona

“I have lost 7 lbs this past month...”


I think I do feel better. Certainly less bloated feeling and more regular. I have lost 7 lbs this past month and feeling good about that.

Still adjusting some to the taste but think I have found the right juice to mix it with daily to make it more palatable. I am on container number 2 and have 2 unopened still to go. Thank you for your inquiry. I will keep on with the program.

Katherine Pittz

“I can say all my clothes are getting really loose!”

I believe you have the most amazing product out there.. can't say how much I lost because I didn't weigh myself, but I can say all my clothes are getting really loose!

Cindy Heimberger
Manteno, Illinois

“I love the Energize Max because it got me off the couch...”

I love the energize max because it got me off the couch. I am 65 and female and usually very energetic but was going through Liver congestion and needed detox. My Naturopath doctor put me on amino acids, zinc, Echinacea, Omega 3's and Liverplex. My dermatologist said I had Eczema and gave me shots and presdizones and I'm still fighting with my skin. It is black from rashes and I look a mess. I have stress because of my ugly body and there are so many other stresses. I was having black spots flash in the side of my left eye and would almost fall at times.

Since I've been taking the energize max I haven't seen them that much anymore but have an appointment with my Eye doctor this week. I truly thank you for your video that enlightened me and gave me HOPE. I thank you so very very much for your work and concern for me because my dermatologist just didn't listen to me from the beginning and still don't because I tried to tell him I was allergic to a few things and it was like my system was confused, so I didn't know if it was allergies or something else causing the eczema or what until I found out I had an overwhelmed liver.

My Naturopath texted me and found I was allergic to wheat and a few other things. I also tested positive for black mold. I'm still itching although it isn't as bad as before; and don't know how to stop it nor the rashes or remove the black discoloration on my body from my shoulders to my ankles. Before the energize max I was really getting depressed. Well enough because I could go on and on about my problems. All of this started when I turned 65. Thank you for you help, I appreciate it very much. God Bless you.

Monroe, Los Angeles

“I do feel a little more energy, than I had before...”

Dear Laura Lindsey,

Yes it has been a little over a month since I received your products. I find that I am, losing weight, about 8 pounds now.

I do feel a little more energy, than I had before, at 74 I will take all the help I can get. I will recommend it to others once I have taken it for a while. I want to be sure I am using it correctly, to receive the most benefit from it.

Chester Machnowski

“I'm Amazed At The Speed of The Energize Max!”

I'm amazed at the speed of the Energize Max, how in only less than a month the energy that I'm experiencing is well worth taking daily... I blend 1 banana, hint pineapple, half apple with skin, half orange, handful kale, an handful of spinach all organic and 2 tablespoons of Energize Max, my knees don't hurt.

And I am back surfing in the ocean at least 4 times a week from 2-3 hours a day, at night after dinner I ride. My 21. Speed bike for 45 minutes up and down a number of hills and finish it off with a half hour of weights on my nautilus machine... It amazes me the way I feel afterwards...

An by the way I am 66 years old anybody want to join me on my routine exercise....
Love everyone and God Bless!

Wayne Midro

“I have felt more energized and have lost some pounds...”

OK you asked for an update on what has been happening the past 4 weeks. I have felt more energized for sure and have lost some pounds, but seem to be struggling to try to keep on a better diet. I am doing better now so I expect in the near future it will really help me.

I in the meantime have developed a sinus infection and do not know if that is because my body is ridding itself of toxins or just environment. Doing better now - and I must say my husband is using the drink in the morning also - he seems to have more energy and a lot more stamina. Thank you for your product!

Tammi G

“We decided to try the Energize Max and WOW!!!!!”

My husband and I run a busy chiropractic office and have a farm. We are on the go all the time and despite the fact we had good nutrition and supplemental practices we found ourselves tired and feeling run down. Often just dragging ourselves through our day and never feeling like we were able to get everything done that we wanted. In addition I personally was plagued with digestion problems as well, Bloating, indigestion, bowel difficulty and food sensitivity.

We decided to try the Energize Max and WOW!!!!! We've not yet completed our first shipment and we are completely amazed at the transformation. We no longer feel so worn out all the time and at the end of the day instead of collapsing on to the couch out of exhaustion we find were still up and able to do things we would have normally put off . As for my digestion it has almost completely taken the bloating and bowel difficulty away and the indigestion and food sensitivity seem to be getting better each day. I'm so glad we decided to try this product. We will start carrying this product in our office so our patients can experience the Energize Max difference.

Tracy Magly
West Virginia
Total Health Chiropractic

“I have lost .9kg and feel I have had some extra energy later in the day!”

Hi Laura Lindsey

I was unaware that Energize Max helped you lose weight. I have been trying to lose weight but it is not staying off and as I am getting older and less active the weight piles on. Since 17 January I have lost .9kg and feel I have had some extra energy later in the day, have been able to completed some gardening which has been waiting. I feel the energize max have contributed to this will continue to drink them, will try the smoothies as well.


Ria Gibson
Western Australia

“Healthier skin and more energy for sure! We would definitely recommend it to others and we would give it a very shining 5 stars!”

The #1 benefit I have gained from Energize Max is a healthier digestive tract, my wife and I have both noticed a difference! We do feel healthier, we are going through a difficult time right now so we haven't noticed a loss of weight at this time.

Healthier skin and more energy for sure! We would definitely recommend it to others and we would give it a very shining 5 stars!


Andrew & Jillana Fridenstine

“I love Energize Max, I get more energy!”

I love Energize Max, I get more energy, acid reflux is still there,but a lot less, I give myself 6months ,take Energize Max every morning with water before having my breakfast. If I have a smoothie I put it in it. Thank you.

Therese Pelletier

“I have felt a lot better since using Energize Max”

I have felt a lot better since using Energize Max. I still am exhausted a lot and have GERD and IBS and I like the make the Energize Max with orange juice with mango and then it doesn't taste so much like grass. I can tell there is a general improvement in my health so far.

Marilyn Lehman

“I enjoy the product and it does give me the added boost I need every so often”

Dear Laura, I still have 1 and 1/2 container of the 1st order left. I enjoy the product and it does give me the added boost I need every so often.

Leo DiGirolamo

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